Wildfire Fuel Management / Biomass Utilization 2022-04-26T11:44:16-07:00

Wildfire Fuel Management / Biomass Utilization

As climate change demonstrates an ever increasing challenge with extreme weather events it will become increasingly more important to understand effective greenhouse gas mitigation measures. Silvatech is committed to finding and providing effective means to mitigate climate change and provide protection to communities, life and the environment. Our work with wildfire fuel management around communities, including the utilization of residual biomass to reduce open burning, helps protect infrastructure from the devastation of wildfire and reduce our contributions to greenhouse gases.

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Wildfire Protection Planning / Prescriptions
  • Wildfire Fuel Management Implementation
  • FireSmart Education and Training
  • FireSmart Property Assessments
  • Residual Biomass Utilization
  • Prescribed Burns
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Associated Mapping

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