Forest Waste and Residue Assessment 2022-10-14T21:37:31-07:00

Forest Waste and Residue Assessments

In order to meet the provincial mandate to increase utilization of forest resources, the Province of BC has dramatically changed its approach to quantifying the amount of usable residual biomass left behind forest harvesting operations. Silvatech has been involved from the early pilot studies implemented in the development of the current waste and residue assessment process. Silvatech has developed along with this waste and residue development process the maximum use of current technology in order to efficiently measure and quantify usable forest waste. Silvatech has its own in-house training and mentoring program to develop a team of surveyors current on the evolving provincial system. We currently have field staff located in multiple locations across the interior of BC in order to reduce travel costs and increase daily efficiencies.

Our planning team provides full turn-key Forest Waste and Residue Assessments including:

  • Randomizing, Survey Planning and Mapping
  • Pre-survey submisions to Gov’t
  • Field survey plot location and data collection
  • GIS data collection and final mapping
  • Final submissions to Gov’t

On Time. On Target. On Budget.