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Our multi-discipline team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology and a diversity of operational experience to provide detailed and complete resource management services by way of resource inventories & mapping, forest land management, planning & analysis, environmental sciences and Aboriginal development.

In order to manage the environment and its resources effectively, reliable and current information is essential. As such, we have developed expertise with state-of-the-art photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, digital mapping, modeling technology and field work to convert new and existing data into powerful decision making tools (inventories, maps, databases, plans, models, management frameworks). This time and accuracy critical intelligence is used to drive policy and provide a basis for social and economic development, balanced with environmental sustainability.

Silvatech Consulting Ltd. engages in research and development projects to advance the use of technology in the management of resources and land use. At times we work together with and contribute funds and in-kind support to other organizations, governments and institutions, such as universities or colleges to combine their strengths with ours to benefit society and the industries that support society. As a nimble, limited and practical organization we wish to minimize the costs and overhead of such contributions and maximize the benefits to individuals, industry and society. We therefore limit the support of adiminstrative or overhead fee contributions in such projects to a maximum of 10% where Silvatech contracts the services of the institution directly, and 5% where Silvatech and the partner organization share costs, resources and benefits.

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